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Artist: Tessa Violet
Album: Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled
Me: Producer, mix, engineer, musician


Artist: John Reuben
Me: Composer, musician, engineer

Shay Carl
Me: Engineer, mix

Mike Tompkins
Me: Mix

Mike Tompkins
Me: Mix

Original Scoring:

Me: Composer, musician, engineer, mix

Sound Design, Score (remix)

Request: Orchestral, building, dark (first 44 seconds)

Request: Jangly rock (starting at :11)

Request: Raucous party, energy (starting at :05)

Request: Rock w/vibe and energy (first 10 seconds)

Request: Creepy, minimal

Request: Indie, vibe

Request: Orchestral daunting turning into love (first 33 seconds)

Request: Electro-pop, vibe

Request: Electro-pop, vibe

Live (Drummer):

With John Reuben:

With Both Girls:


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